15 December 2016

Watch Out For Bots! Any Kind -Like One: ChatBox Now Deployed Here in Mesa

City Of Mesa To Deploy Aspect Software's Interactive Text Response Chatbot Application To Provide Self-Service Solutions
News | December 13, 2016PHOENIX--(BUSINESS WIRE)--
Aspect Software, a global provider of fully-integrated consumer engagement, workforce optimization and self-service solutions, announced today that the City of Mesa, AZ, will deploy an automated, text-based consumer engagement solution leveraging Aspect’s award-winning CXP™ platform and natural language Interactive Text Response (ITR).
The chatbot will give residents who are customers of the municipality’s city services basic account management, mobile bill payment, and faster answers to account and basic service questions.
The City of Mesa will be deploying a chatbot powered by Aspect to make it easier for citizens to interact with the city.
The simple-to-use SMS-based solution addresses the larger consumer demand for more self-service and text-based engagement choices. Consumers are increasingly avoiding traditional voice calls as a primary channel for customer support, instead opting for a digital interaction with the organizations they engage with. In the 2016 Aspect Consumer Index research, over 71% of consumers said they want the ability to solve most issues by themselves and half (49%) said that if a company could get it right they would rather conduct all customer service interaction via text/messaging.
“Providing our citizens with new and more efficient ways to interact with the city exemplifies our commitment to enhancing how we connect with the community,” said City of Mesa Mayor John Giles. “We’re excited to roll out this innovative and easy to use option for our utility customers.”
Future plans for the city’s chatbot include bill reminders and service notifications.
“The chance to give the City of Mesa an engagement option to the city’s residents is a really exciting opportunity. An interactive, text-based solution can really change the way the city communicates and interacts with its citizens,” says Joe Gagnon, Aspect’s Chief Customer Strategy Officer. “Basic text interaction has the potential of becoming the simple and central entry point to the entire customer service organization for the city and we are thrilled to be able to provide the ability to deliver intelligent, automated, interactive text solutions that will help make this a reality.”
For more information about Aspect’s Interactive text response solution, visithttp://www.aspect.com/solutions/self-service/mobile-self-service/interactive-text-response.

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