18 December 2018

A Calling Late-In-Life? MesaZona Online Celebrates Over 210K Page Views

It's like that box of chocolates from Forrest Gump:
Ya never know what you're gonna get here on this blog.
Some days is spot-on to keep you amused.
Some people have said you make me smile (or laugh).
Hizzoner the mayor once called me "A Rabble-Rouser".
Just like any words on the pages anywhere, they're all open to interpretation from all your diverse points-of-view.
 It goes with the territory . . .
Thank you again, dear readers,  for hitting me up!
Other days it's time to switch gears and try to live-up to the last name your MesaZona blogger has been saddled with.
Waking up like this after things go-bump-in-the-night might be a challenge to recover from or get-over.
It all depends on how it goes  . . .
Here in 'The Old Donut-Hole' called home there are more than a few sweet spots to enjoy around the edges.
Have a few more bytes: ENJOY

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