23 February 2015

Downtown Mesa - if you knew it, you'd do it

Apparently NEDCO has recently realized that The City of Mesa does not have a downtown advertising campaign to promote downtown, so they started one . . . this is it folks

(Please note there is no funding for this)

Downtown Mesa - if you knew it, you'd do it!

22 February 2015

Don't Miss This Opportunity for Residents to Meet "The Decision Makers"

Help Make Downtown Mesa Your Downtown

A public notice posted on Thursday, February 19 @ 4:24 p.m. from The City of Mesa Office for Public Information and Communications - less than a week in advance of inviting residents to attend and contribute their ideas and contributions for the long-term evolution of downtown.

AZ Repub Reporter Lily Altavena Caught Up In The Crosshairs of Conflict

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