23 February 2015

Downtown Mesa - if you knew it, you'd do it

Apparently NEDCO has recently realized that The City of Mesa does not have a downtown advertising campaign to promote downtown, so they started one . . . this is it folks

(Please note there is no funding for this)

Downtown Mesa - if you knew it, you'd do it!

22 February 2015

Don't Miss This Opportunity for Residents to Meet "The Decision Makers"

Help Make Downtown Mesa Your Downtown

A public notice posted on Thursday, February 19 @ 4:24 p.m. from The City of Mesa Office for Public Information and Communications - less than a week in advance of inviting residents to attend and contribute their ideas and contributions for the long-term evolution of downtown.

True Story: City Officials + Real Estate Developers Get Stung in FBI Undercover Investigation

Your MesaZona blogger missed 'the buzz' about this one sent by an unidentified source from August of last year, but did bookmark ...