31 January 2018

Help Us > Document The State of Open Data + Journalsm in 2018

Message from Alex Howard, Deputy Director of The Sunlight Foundation  

Dear Sunlighter
Happy New Year from Sunlight!
We have a lot of irons in the fire in 2018, which we'll be letting you know about over the coming weeks. Keep an eye on our projects!
For over a decade, Sunlight has stood up for the power of open data and journalism to inform the public, hold governments and politicians accountable, and strengthen democracies. And for almost a decade, I've tracked the intersection of open data, journalism, open source software and open government, publishing research on the art and science of data journalism that combines those threads.
Now, I've scrubbed into the State of Open Data project, seeding the initial
network scan on journalists, media and open data. Now, it's open to your contributions.
. . . while journalists continue to be appropriately skeptical of open data published by governments online, a growing number of media organizations are downloading, analyzing and reporting on open data from multiple sources in ways that inform, engage and empower the public. Over the past decade, pioneers in the global transparency movement have adopted and adapted principles and practices from the open source software world, where "showing your work" and collaborating around shared code are important signals for both trust and transparency.
We want to hear about all of the good work that isn't currently listed, and the challenges that persist for access, creating or using open data as a source and resource for journalists.
We want to hear about the people, events, organizations, networks and communities that are driving change, social impact and public knowledge, and the places they gather.
Please weigh in on all of the history, events, research, organizations, data-driven journalism projects, and other details I missed in the initial scan – and
get involved in the 21 environment scans that are underway.

Thank you!

Alex Howard
Deputy Director, Sunlight Foundation

Samsung's New Graphene Battery

Graphene is a crystallized form of carbon atoms, strong as a diamond, flexible and light, and the most efficient conductor of electricity know - it's INCREDIBLE STUFF. . . .Urbix anyone?
Published on Jan 31, 2018
Views: 28,635
Time: 07:35
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What Will The Think of Next > Robot Swans

New advanced technology to water testing - here's some more information and details from a report just hours ago
Robotic swans now patrol Singapore’s waters

30 January 2018

New Iconic Image of Mesa Mayor John On-Horseback

One of your MesaZona's favorite objects of affection is our most versatile holder of elected public office who occupies the highest seat of power inside of City Hall: MayorJohn Giles.

He's just uploaded a new image of himself on Twiiter recently with the caption, time-stamped at 06:21 on 27 Jan 2018 when he was actually in real-time in Washington, DC.

"Ready to go to work" ....
Now really, folks, does John Giles look ready to go to work? Looks like he could used a wake-up call.
So far as social media results from Twitter = 13 Likes that include yours truly
Happy Trails to John Giles!

6:21 AM - 27 Jan 2018

Ending NAFTA: A Big Hit to US and State Economies

A possible end to NAFTA? The US GDP in for a whirlwind 
Ending NAFTA: A Big Hit to US and State Economies
But Non-NAFTA Countries Would Do Great, Says New Report

Commentary   January 30th, 2018 | Written by

New Report

Up On The Roof @ El Rancho Del Sol: Installation of Renewable Energy Solar Panels

View on Main Street looking East
This local independent blog started from the ground-up three years ago featuring posts about innovative and affordable housing developments here in The New Urban Downtown Mesa that have collectively added about 500 residential units regenerating under-used properties transforming the city landscape.
Case in Point: El Rancho Del Sol, two buildings on East Main Street along the line of Valley Metro's Light Rail Extension through the Central Business District in August 2015. What you see today is an on-site installation in-the-works.
Rooftop Solar is rising on in a forward-looking and inspired project by Eric Paine's Community Development Partners and designed by Perlman Architects that raises a new higher standard in workforce housing: built-in-place on the ground floor sidewalk-level spaces from the get-go to benefit the residents who live here by making resources available for arts education-and-culture ongoing programs by The Cultural Coalition, behavioral support services by New Leaf, a computer and media lab, a bicycle cooperative, green living/sustainability by Garden Pool, and a well-equipped commercial kitchen facility . 
Sun Valley Solar has completed the installation on one of the new buildings atop the 4th story that's visible very close-up as well as the wide-angle panoramic view shown above.
The next stage is scheduled for completion very soon atop the rooftop super structure at 659 E Main Street [seen at left]
Blogger Note: Many thanks to Eric Paine and Community Development Partners and all the people who have invested their time, energies and finance to bring this project to completion.
Special thanks to Christian Hulme who somehow manages to coordinate every construction detail and has extended the courtesy to be available for walk-arounds and numerous updates.

Competing For Eye Balls: IT'S ABOUT TIME> Facebook + Google Try Local

That's one of the stories this morning from Axios. . . but Hey Folks! your MesaZona blogger isn't a dude who likes to shake his own Pom-Poms but who's been doing this for almost three years right here in Mesa?
Thank you, dear readers, for taking the time to read this blog to encourage meaningful interactions that build community.
Facebook announced Monday that it will begin prioritizing local news content in the News Feed. The news follows Google's confirmation last week that it's testing a hyper-local news app called Bulletin.
Why it matters: Local and national news outlets have for months been split on the way they view their publishing relationships with Google and Facebook.
  • National news outlets have generally been more critical of Facebook's efforts to fairly compensate publishers, provide them with data and elevate their brands.
  • Local news outlets share these concerns, but see Facebook and Google as important technology partners . . .
YES: That's what works here in Mesa
READ MORE > axios.com_________________________________________________________________________________

Last Chance to Get Tickets For Important Economic Development Event Here @ Mesa Arts Center

This event is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon: details and registration links below

PHX East Valley – the Fastest Growing Area in the U.S.
How will that Affect You or Your Clients?
The information is what every property owner, apartment owner/manager, commercial and residential developer AND all real estate agents working in PHX East Valley need to know. These are the “Best of the Best Speakers”, the individuals that make the changes. ALL AT ONE EVENT!
In Addition, representatives from PHX East Valley Economic Dev. Group will be available to answer any questions and provide specific details on any of their current and planned projects!
Limited Seating! We do not want to turn anyone away - please register ASAP. This is the only PHX East Valley event we will hold in 2018.
In Partnership with the East Valley Partnership

Date: Wednesday, January 31st Time: 3:30-6pm Location: Mesa Arts Center

John Lewis
President & CEO of EVP
John is the former Mayor of Gilbert. The East Valley Partnership (EVP) is a regional nonpartisan coalition that actively works to improve the business climate and overall quality of life in PHX East Valley. He will provide the overwhelming support that the PHX East Valley may soon become the fastest growing area in the US and the projected locations of the huge growth areas.
Bill Jabjiniak
Director of Economic Dev. City of Mesa
He has served as the City of Mesa’s Economic Development Director since October 2007. Bill will highlight activities in the established neighborhoods, such as the Fiesta Mall, the recent and planned development in the downtowns of each of the PHX East Valley cities and define the five PHX East Valley locations projected to have the strongest JOB GROWTH.

Scott Smith
CEO Valley Metro & Light Rail
He is the former Mayor of Mesa, Arizona (2008-2014) and currently serves as the CEO of Valley Metro. Scott ran for Governor of Arizona in the last election. Scott understands and will define the commercial and residential opportunities being created along the existing and future light rail routes!


29 January 2018

2 Positive Steps to Open Government: See The Money + Outlaw Dirty Money

Perhaps - and that's just perhaps - your MesaZona blogger can chill out now for just a while to see how these two things go: One is from the Arizona Secretary of State and the other from a community activist group
All about money poured into election campaigns. Some "dirty" and some not-so-dirty. . . it's a start but don't be naïve or get too optimistic
Here's what Maureen Reagan calls SEE THE MONEY
Efforts to Track Campaign Dollars in Arizona
Campaign finance dollars are traceable. Some are not — they are "dark."The traceable dollars are easy to follow. For local and state races campaign finance reports are on the Arizona Secretary of State's website. . . it still isn't as detailed information as some people would like but it still starts to give you some names and address . . .
See The Money.com
Former Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard is leading a petition drive to outlaw hiding campaign contributors.
And, YES we have a right as citizens to know who is behind a campaign
Do you live in Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Fountain Hills, Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler and want to volunteer by circulating the petition to bring transparency to Arizona government? Contact the Maricopa East Team - they will get you started!
email: MaricopaEast@outlawdirtymoney.com

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27 January 2018

Objective Metrics For Regional Economies

The Brookings Institution Metro Monitor provides leaders across metropolitan America with a set of objective metrics to guide their efforts in shaping advanced regional economies that work for all.
It tracks the economic performance of the nation’s 100 largest metropolitan areas along three dimensions:
This is posted as a follow-up to the 18 Jan 2018 Brookings Institution presentation: "The Rise of Mesa's Innovation District" that attracted a full-house at The Ikeda Theater.
See the results for the Phoenix MSA in the following details.. .
The three dimensions represent the pillars of successful economic development which should encourage robust long-run growth (growth) by improving the productivity of individuals and firms in order to raise local standards of living (prosperity) for all people (inclusion). Along each dimension, the Metro Monitor tracks three indicators, measuring the rate of change during the most recent
  • one-year
  • five-year
  • ten-year periods.
Finally, the results of this indicator analysis are compiled into composite scores, providing overall performance rankings of metropolitan areas for each category.
Read the 2017 report here or explore the data below.
Explore data for
The Phoenix metropolitan area
Time period:
Select a metropolitan area:

Phoenix's overall rank on Growth: 39th
Phoenix's percent change in:
Jobs: +13.1% (26th of 100)
Gross metropolitan product (GMP): +8.6% (51st of 100)
Jobs at young firms: -0.5% (64th of 100)
Phoenix's overall rank on Prosperity: 82nd
Phoenix's percent change in:
Productivity: -4.0% (89th of 100)
Standard of living: +0.0% (84th of 100)
Average annual wage: +3.3% (68th of 100
Phoenix's overall rank on Inclusion: 61st
Phoenix's percent change in:
Employment rate: +5.6% (28th of 100)
Median wage: -1.9% (70th of 100)
Relative poverty: +0.5% (77th of 100) 

Metro Monitor 2017 Dashboard

From Zuckerman to Zuckerberg > In Your Face

From The Atlantic:
Facebook Only Cares About Facebook
Source: https://www.theatlantic.com/latest/

(Image Credit Kimberly White / Reuters)
 Whatever Mark Zuckerberg says about human community or his legacy, his company is acting in its own interests—and against the public good.

Spreading The Word > Art Submissions Wanted

The Greater Phoenix Economic Council is seeking submissions to highlight the beauty & diversity of through the curation & display of locally-sourced art. RT to spread the word.

Grabbing Your Data > Grabbing My What?

A report from American Security Today U.S. Outdone by China and Russia
Russian & Chinese Firms Win NIST/IARPA
Face Recog Contest
By AST Administrator

The Restoration | Now You Know

Re-inventing Religion of a young farm-boy . . . April 6,1930 that farm boy organized this church. Published on Oct 22, 2018 Views: 870 ...