12 January 2018

Carmen Guerrero/Cultural Coalition Discusses Community Engagement

El Rancho Community Engagement on Horizonte
Affordable housing development El Rancho (featured on a Local First Arizona Forum the "Mesa bus tour" ) and one of  its partners, Cultural Coalition, was featured on PBS's "Horizonte," discussing community engagement.
Sounds of Cultura: The Cultural Coalition
In this segment: Carmen Guerrero: Executive Director Cultural Coalition

A local nonprofit is providing opportunities for artists and art education by offering artistic opportunities in two Valley apartment complexes.
El Rancho del Arte and El Rancho del Sol showcase art and poetry throughout the complex, both by professional artists and by youth living in the apartments.
Cultural Coalition, an organization providing cultural programs for the development of artists in Arizona manages the after-school art and homework program for children living in the residences.
(Photographer Ray Hernández image > shows Carmen talking to the guests on the LFA Forum in the commercial kitchen facilities inside El Rancho Del Sol)
For more information, details and how YOU can encourage, participate or support, please go to > Cultural Coalition
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Here's an image from the Grand Opening Celebration of El Rancho Phase 2 that took place on  Tue 07 November 2017 for the ribbon cutting ceremony in front of one of the entry gates to the two buildings where design elements and words from Zarco Guerrero are incorporated into the design:
More about Zarco Guerrero can be found by clicking/hitting the following link
Zarco Guerrero [Juañeno/Acjachemem] has been a force in the Arizona art scene since the early seventies, as a multi-media artist and community arts advocate. He has participated in the Artist in Education program of the Arizona Arts Commission and has conducted workshops throughout the U.S. since 1972. The artist

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