25 December 2016

Cultural Diversity Here In Mesa? Is It Only "Lip Service" or Is It Real?

The Mesa City Council is gaining three new members in Districts 1, 2 and 3, while three incumbents in Districts 4, 5 and 6 will hold onto their seats inside City Hall to continue their terms in office for two more years. In a slew of recent press releases from The National League of Cities, all three incumbents were nominated to serve on national committees to form policies and shape ideas that will improve the quality of life for their constituents - one of those is diversity.
Brief excerpts of the announcements and statements of the three new Mesa City Council members are included below after an opportunity to get the City of Mesa recognized for a Cultural Diversity Award from the NLC . . .  let's see if an application is made either by the new members or the three incumbents still in office: Kavanagh, Richins or Finter.

City Cultural Diversity Awards         
Sponsored by the National League of Cities and its Constituency Groups.
2017 City Cultural Diversity Awards Application
Showcase your city.
Apply today for the 2017 NLC City Cultural Diversity Award.
More information >> here
Direct connect to online application

Award Purpose and Focus
The National League of Cities recognizes and celebrates the growing diversity of America's communities and believes that diversity should be reflected in the activities of all cities and towns across the nation.
This award program is designed to:

1) encourage citizen involvement in local government-sponsored activities
2) enhance and show the appreciation of cultural diversity as a way of life in our municipalities
The City Cultural Diversity Awards Program showcases examples of how cities achieve excellence in diversity. It also promotes the positive results of "a total community collaboration." The awards are given to honor community leadership in developing creative and effective programs to improve cultural diversity.
A program must demonstrate
1) that it has enhanced the quality of life of your community for the improvement of equal opportunity and for the provision of greater access to government and government services by multiracial and multicultural populations;
2) that it has increased citizen participation in government and community activities by all segments of the community;
3) that cultural diversity is an ongoing and recognized effort in your city or town.

Programs may cover government-generated or community-based efforts in your municipality.
Each program should ensure that its staff is diverse or exemplifies diversity.

First focus on one of the three incumbent members of the Mesa City Council
Chris Glover

“It is an important role for me to serve on the FAIR committee as a representative from both Mesa and the State of Arizona,” Councilman Glover said in the release. “My colleagues and I will continue to work together to form policies and shape ideas that will improve the quality of life for our citizens.”
- Mesa City Council District 4 Chris Glover
Councilman Chris Glover re-appointed to NLC committee
The FAIR Steering Committee is responsible for developing policy positions on issues involving
  • national economic policy,
  • general financial assistance programs,
  • liability insurance,
  • intergovernmental relations,
  • Census,
  • municipal bonds and capital finance,
  • municipal management,
  • anti-trust issues,
  • citizen participation and civil rights,
  • labor relations,
  • Native American sovereignty and municipal authority
Updates to follow on Kevin Thompson and David Luna


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