07 December 2016

Ready For A New Look?

Maricopa.gov will soon have a brand new look!
for immediate release
Maricopa County Homepage MARICOPA COUNTY
Office of Communications
301 W. Jefferson Street, 10th Floor
Phoenix, AZ  85003
Ph 602-506-7232

Every New Year is a chance to reflect and transform yourself or something about your life. We are transforming your online experience with Maricopa County. Early in 2017, you can surf our new website. It will have all the information and services you have come to expect from the county and we are hoping you find a bit more.
With new navigation tools, search functions and forms, information is easier to locate and you can get your questions answered quickly. If you are a regular visitor to Maricopa.gov or pages of our many departments, you will notice they all have the same look and feel. The new site has responsive web design that allows easy use on mobile devices and navigation buttons that quickly take you to the pages people visit most often. You can explore county news, check out upcoming events and watch Board of Supervisors meetings live.
Our website has been getting the job done for more than a decade, but it is time for a change. We hope you enjoy our new site in the New Year!
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Fields Moseley, Communications Director
(602) 506-6453

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