21 May 2017

Go Figure This One Out > Huh? It's 'The Quote-of-the-Day'

That's right! from a product development company
The Wasatch Contract Manufacturing Quote of the Day: Money May Not Buy Happiness
Here's what they say: "An image quote and a text quote; kind of like the kind of value you get from Wasatch Contract Manufacturing! Give us a call!
“Money may not buy happiness, but happiness may help you get rich.”
—wisely phrased By Tony Schwartz
??? Huh? and then

"Always good stuff from Tony Schwartz, but if you really want a great quote on innovative liquid food product formulation and packaging, give us a call at Wasatch Contract Manufacturing at 801-809-7766, or visit our info site at wasatchcontractmanufacturing.com."
The original source was this press release feed on - of all things - a site called Military Technologies.net. Why there? Who knows: it's just one of the hordes of sites publishing free releases, and Wasatch has some kind of contract manufacturing operation here in Mesa.

Mesa, AZ Reason #123 Why Outsourcing Your Happi.com Liposome Anti-Aging Product Development (Moisturizer) with Draper-Based ‘Wasatch Labs’ (www.WasatchContractManufacturing.com) is a Professional Cosmetic Decision
Mesa, AZ (SBWIRE). Wasatch Product Development is focused on providing the most responsive and flexible service in the industry and has a diverse clientele ranging from leading global companies to virtual and emerging entities. . .
Want more "news" and quotes-of-the-day?
Mission Statement
To proactively serve our business community by providing solutions in personal care, business development and liquid nutrition.

Vision Statement
To provide leadership in establishing our client’s international businesses, being built on a foundation of innovation, advocacy, technology and business integrity.
Wasatch Labs’ Core Competencies are:
Gene Expression
Cosme-ceuticals (Skin Care)
Skin „Energy Systems”
OTC Products (Sanitizers, SunScreens, etc)
SPF: Sun Protection
Liquid Nutritionals and Juices
Unique Skin Treatments (Intimacy, Sanitation, and „plumping” products)

Whatever the size of the anti-aging product corporation, Wasatch Contract Manufacturing can take it to the next level. They provide packaging engineering, formula development, private labeling, and manufacturing of liquid products.
Small Companies: They help small companies identify their industry niche, develop proprietary formulas, and make a strong debut on the market. Many of their current Salt Lake City start-ups are focused on emerging Utah and national markets: gene expression, skin energy systems, specialty sun care, and anti-aging.
Medium Size Companies: Wasatch helps medium companies refine their product lines, improve quality, and manage production growth.
Large Utah Companies: They help large companies diversify and respond to changes in the market. Many large companies are developing new product lines in high-demand mitochondrial anti-senescence, neuro peptides, and acne products. Wasatch Contract Manufacturing is a cGMP, FDA, EPA, and ATF compliant facility. Wasatch has been formulating liquid products for over twenty years without an FDA violation. Call their operations manager today to learn how Wasatch can help a company move forward.

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