21 July 2017

Going-Out-of-Business: The Castle On Main | Another DTMesa Fairy Tale Hits The Skids

18 W Main Street, former home of Monsterland the long-defunct combination haunted house-and-nightspot, that opened its doors back in 2013 as a Medieval-themed Wedding and Events venue, has posted signs on the front windows that it is going out-of-business.
With 12 other catering locations here in downtown Mesa, it's the first to suffer the fall-out from too much competition when it got outclassed by too many other options. 12 W Main Street on the north side right next door might have the same fate.  
It's in a good location and a potential 'hot spot' for real estate investment - right across Main Street from 29 W Main, snatched-up by AZ State Senator and would-be downtown land-grabber politician Bob Worley who scooped-up with his cohorts, as rumor has it, 10-12 other "under-performing" properties at the going offer of $100/square foot to control the real estate here in the The New Urban DTMesa.
Future plans have not been made public at this point-in-time but there are quite a few people wanting to throw some concrete on the other Main Street blocks... time-and-finance will tell the rest of the story

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