27 July 2017

IMAGINE MESA /Pre-Determined Outcomes: John Giles Stages A Show

Mesa Mayor John Giles must have called out the troops to round up enough bodies to fill the seats for this "Campaign Kick-Off" - packing the house in this self-created cringe-worthy event produced for a Facebook live event back on June 29th. The audience doesn't look like a representative sampling of what the diverse population of the city of over 475,000 look like at all, does it? ...more like a choir watching the conductor to get a few face refrains, huh? 
Watch the video >
Kicking off the #ImagineMesa community engagement campaign.
We want to hear your ideas for Mesa's future at: https://goo.gl/XkWo2S
Here's some feedback posted on the Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ReportMesaCorruption
Feedback: Actually listen to the community! You know, when the community said they overwhelmingly said they didn't want private jails.... When they voted against a giveaway to ASU.... when they said they voted to have the historical museum at the federal building.... when they said they wanted more officers in their neighborhoods.
Mayor and council, you are not listening to anything but your own greedy conscious. Now you want to spend hundreds of hours of staff time, $50k on consultants to build a digital tool that you won't listen to unless it fits your agenda, $20k on ill placed social media ads (we can see by your current viewers how great you are at this) and then involve a bunch of people to spend their time so you can make another report to sit on the shelf?
What results came from the previous ad-hoc committees?
All of us employees and residents know your games. Unfortunately we are all under threat of losing our jobs if we don't support your self serving, box checking, fake community efforts. What actual community work have any of the council even done? Watch one council meeting. You will never see a staff member challenge a council decision.

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