24 July 2017

Now For Something Really Sexxxy > Got Your Attention?

Oral arguments begin next week, but this directive, as written, is way too broad.
Still interested in reading the story, or did you get turned-off?
Your MesaZona blogger is just in the mood to have some fun, to show you how news headlines can attract your attention - it can be called 'click-bait' that might hook you to take a look . . .
Those in power dislike the public nosing around in their business and are forever looking to shield themselves from scrutiny.
But when that happens, the public needs to push back. Hard.
No matter which team is in charge.
And no matter how unsexy the details of the battle may be.
The War on the Freedom of Information Act
A conservative group is resisting congressional efforts to kneecap FOIA.
Source: The Atlantic
Does this opening grab your attention?
"The health-care clusterfudge continues. Senator John McCain has brain cancer. President Trump throws another public tantrum. Russia, Russia, Russia.
That about covers the Big Political Headlines of the week. Now for something really sexy: the creeping assault on the Freedom of Information Act.
Stop right there! No clicking over to that Tucker Carlson YouTube rant. This is another one of those ticky-tacky, below-the-radar issues that may sound like a nonprescription substitute for Ambien but is, practically speaking, super important—especially in the Age of Trump.
FOIA is what enables regular people to pester powerful federal agencies into handing over information about what they’ve been up to. FOIA’s website calls it “the law that keeps citizens in the know about their government.” Though a tad grandiose, that characterization is pretty much accurate. And never has such a tool been quite so vital as with the current White House, which has adopted a policy of unabashedly lying about pretty much everything. . . "
The ultimate goal is to stop lawmakers from undercutting one of the key tools the public has for keeping an eye on its government

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