13 May 2017

High Tech Boom + Emerging Cannabis Bioceuticals

Sky-high margins for Arizona cannabis operations
There are now dozens of Canadian publicly-listed cannabis companies. A number of these companies have developed innovative business plans and/or creatively pioneered niches for themselves in this emerging industry.
The selection for investors is dizzying.
As the Company surveyed the business landscape in Arizona, what they saw was the ideal jurisdiction from which to commence cannabis operations.
While there are many ‘flavours’ of cannabis companies from which investors can choose, the principals of investing remain the same. People want to see strong margins, robust growth opportunities, and a solid business strategy. That one sentence sums up Canadian Bioceutical Corporation (
Strong margins? The Company’s initial cannabis operations are located in the state of Arizona. While Arizona plant touching and retail operations by law are non-for profit, running these operations requires substantial management, real estate, finance, logistics, back-office, legal, and other operational inputs that are supplied to it through management agreements.  BCC owns the management companies that support the operations

The Company chose Arizona, ranked as the third-best state for cannabis investment in the U.S. The list of “positives” for cannabis operations in that state is lengthy, especially for a Canadian-based company. Many U.S. jurisdictions, while otherwise attractive, don’t allow foreign ownership of cannabis operations.

This is not an impediment in Arizona. BCC has just as much operational freedom doing business in Arizona as any state-based company. Of equal importance, Arizona allows full seed-to-sale operations, meaning complete vertical integration for cannabis operations.

Along with its cultivation and processing facilities, H4L operates two full-service cannabis dispensaries in Phoenix MSA: its “Mesa North” and “Mesa East” outlets, in an urban population of 4.6 million people. However, just these two retailing fronts comprise 5% of the entire cannabis market in Arizona, making H4L one of the largest cannabis operations in the southwestern United States.
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