31 October 2017

2017 Top State Business Climate Rankings: Arizona #15

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Site Selection’s 2017 Top State Business Climate Rankings
 StateExecutive Survey RankCompeti-tiveness Rank2016
Plant Rank
Plant Per Capita Rank
Plant Rank (Jan.- Aug.)
Capita Rank (Jan.- Aug.)
Firm Tax Index Rank
Firm Tax Index Rank
Final Total Points
2North Carolina61472571394
T6South Carolina2111813148323485
22New Mexico173937343025221451
Source: Conway Projects Database

What Matters Most:
Site Selector's Most Important Location Criteria
1Workforce skills
2Transportation infrastructure
3Utilities (cost, reliability)
4State and local tax scheme
5Land/building prices and supply
6Quality of life
7Workforce development
8Ease of permitting and regulatory procedures
10Higher education resources
Source: Site Selection survey of corporate real estate executives, October 2017

2017 Executive Survey Business Climate Rankings
2South Carolina
6North Carolina

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First let's back-track to this > Logistics & Distribution Phoenix-Area DC LEEDs the Way
Insights from REI’s supply chain VP show where goods movement is moving next.
(from Sept 2017 issue of Site Selection mag)
Since January 2015, Site Selection’s proprietary Conway Projects Database has tracked two dozen major corporate investments in logistics facilities in the Greater Phoenix region. Four of the top five by capital investment — from UPS ($180 million), Luxair ($10 million), Huhtamaki ($100 million) and REI ($73 million) — have landed in Goodyear.
The UPS project, announced in June, stands out in terms of jobs (1,500). But the 400,000-sq.-ft. (37,160-sq.-m.), 100-job REI project stands out in another sense: It’s the first distribution center in the United States to earn LEED-Platinum certification from the U.S. Green Building Council and achieve Net Zero energy status. The site represents a new standard for sustainable logistics operations, and thus serves as a model attracting worldwide interest. . .
REI’s team determined by the end of 2014 that “we could achieve these objectives by placing a new distribution center somewhere along the Interstate 10 Corridor from southern California to Phoenix, Arizona.”
> The Goodyear Economic Development board assisted in identifying grant opportunities that REI was able to use during the build process.
> This site was developed as a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ). David Hansen, the commercial officer from the Maricopa County Assessor’s office, was instrumental in assisting throughout the tax policy impacts.
> The entire staff and board of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) was incredibly supportive and helped guide REI's efforts to achieve LEED Platinum.
> The Goodyear facility was developed with a budget from $72 million to $75 million to deliver total ROI in nine years, while also delivering results in key areas such as culture, brand, technology and sustainability.
> When REI entered that Goodyear area, they immediately impacted the community with higher wages, improved total benefits and over 200 new local positions.” 

Another Take-away: In a July report, CBRE analyzed the location of last-mile distribution facilities opened within just the past two years in the 15 largest US population centers finding that they are positioned, on average, between six and nine miles from the centerpoint of the largest population areas they serve.“Development of last-mile strategies still is in the early stages, so the average distances in many metros is likely to shrink a bit more in the coming years,” said CBRE Global Head of Industrial & Logistics Research David Egan. “We’re also likely to see many different types of real estate considered for last-mile centers.”
Ranking Methodology
Fifty percent of the overall Business Climate Ranking is based on a survey of corporate site selectors who are asked to rank the states based on their recent experience of locating facilities in them. The other 50 percent is based on an index of seven criteria: performance in Site Selection’s annual Prosperity Cup ranking (formerly the Competitiveness Award); total Conway Projects Database-compliant facility locations and expansion projects in 2016; total projects in 2016 per capita; total 2017 projects year to date; total 2017 projects year to date per capita; state tax burdens on mature firms and on new firms according to this year’s Tax Foundation and KPMG Location Matters analysis.
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