28 May 2015

Old Roots: The Times They Are A'Changing

HERE'S THAT APPLE AGAIN: Hover over and click-on to enlage
You all remember that episode from The Old Testament in The Bible where Adam & Eve are forced out of The Garden of Paradise for disobeying a commandment from God not to taste or eat "forbidden fruit"??
They were sinners in the eyes of God. Now a company called Apple is at the epicenter of change in a spectrum of color.
In classical art that forbidden fruit was usually an apple. For some reason your blogger cannot avoid apples in all their varieties in this lifetime. 
Latter Day Saints may have claimed the original One-Square Mile tract of land we now call Mesa [a Spanish word] but over the years the city has expanded to over 52,000 square miles. 
We have expanded from wards and parishes to metroplex, high tech corridors, aerotropolis and industrial parks, new urban downtown, and cities of the future. 
Mesa includes all of that fast and smart growth ... so why can't we be all-inclusive of our diversity?


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