06 May 2015

Walk-Able? Yes ... and the New Urban Downtown Mesa is filled with History - Get to Know It

This building from 1894 seen in the image to the left is gone in the vanished past, destroyed by a fire in 1921, and replaced with the present structure at 43 S Macdonald Street that's listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
What it looks like and how it functions today opens a window to the past and economic conditions today -  the Alhambra Hotel, opened as the Pioneer Hotel in 1894 at 43 S. Macdonald and mirrors downtown Mesa's rise and fall.
- it  is yours to discover in a self-guided walking tour of Historic Downtown Mesa now available both online and in a printed brochure - thanks to the efforts of The Mesa Preservation Foundation.
Images like these, while not shown in the somewhat-sketchy brochure, will help guide us in the right directions for all the re-envisioning taking place in downtown Mesa
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Your blogger found hard copies of the brochure at the Mesa Main Public Library. You might find take-away brochures at the Mesa Visitors Center or in other locations, but you can definitely take a look and download it here: Historic Downtown Mesa Walking Tour Brochure

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