09 May 2015

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Light Rail Train Testing on Main Street

According to information received from Valley Metro, another sign of progress in the Central Mesa Light Rail Extension Project will move forward soon with  train testing taking place beginning in May on Main Street, between Alma School Road and Mesa Drive. . . Watch for trains May 20-22

A section of trackway between Country Club and Mesa Drive has been designed as curbless, with rumble strips, to give an open appearance as drivers and pedestrians view the heart of Mesa’s downtown. At the same time that an "open appearance" might be a good factor in terms of design, some Main Street business owners your blogger has spoken with have concerns that without some kind of barrier vehicle drivers could easily cross over the tracks, attempting to make a U-turn between street intersections and, worst-case scenario with out-of-control drivers - crash over sidewalks and into their storefronts. 
Safety is Valley Metro’s top priority. 

Rules to Remember:
Obey all traffic signals
  •  Obey all traffic signals
  • Never stop or park a vehicle on the tracks
  • Never try to beat a train through an intersection
  • Be patient and do not accelerate through yellow lights
  • Remember, it takes light rail trains longer to stop
  • Look for flashing headlights
  • Listen for warning bells and horns

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