02 May 2015

SPOTLIGHT: Other Blogs About Downtown Mesa

1. Very nice to see a new posting from May 1, 2015 on the Build a Better Mesa blog ... the previous one was way back on December 31 of last year.
The article features a downtown business owner, Amy Del Castillo who is the co-owner of Lulubell Toy Bodega Lulubell Toys with both a brick-and-mortar retail store on Main Street and an online presence for toy manufacturers and distributors: 

NEDCO's (Neighborhood Economic Development Corporation) business assistance helped Lulubell Toys during the light rail construction. She says, "being a small business with no staff, the NEDCO assistance was a lifesaver!"

Her business mission is to bring art of all kinds to Downtown Mesa and have a place for all kinds of artists to be.

Here's a link to Love Letter To Mesa❤️: Amy Del Castillo 

2. The mayor of Mesa, John Giles, has his own blog called Next Mesa
 According to the blog and answering the question, What is NextMesa?, the mayor writes:
"I'm an old Mesa guy. I love reminiscing about the small city I grew up in. We live in a different Mesa now. It's changed and I'm okay with that. The Mesa our children will inherit will even be different from this one. It will be the one we plan and create now. I want us to continue to improve . . ."

On the average of about twice per month he has entries called "what's next food for thought" featuring going to Mesa restaurants usually with City officials, and details about the owners and the reason for the visit. In the posting for April 29, 2015 he had lunch at Orchard Eats with his wife Dawn, with personal, business and family details usually reserved for privacy for those  holding public office. The wife of Mesa's mayor is shown in an image prominently featured on the mayor's blog.

The mayor says the food, prices, location, decor and service at Orchard Eats were all excellent and rated Two thumbs up! by the mayor.

But if you look at the hand gesture in the image it's not two thumbs up .... and it's a gesture that in some cultures is vulgar and offensive. 

3. Mesa Arts Center, the city-owned $98 Million Dollar economic engine currently driving development of the New Urban Downtown Mesa, has its own blog that people may not be familiar with - it's great!
BlogSpot for Mesa Arts Center

Older image from 1EMain Blog
Your MesaZona blogger was particularly impressed with their report from April 16, 2015 about downtown artist Bill Barnhart, with an exhibition "Seattle Series" now on exhibit in the Mesa Contemporary Crafts Museum that runs until August 16th.
Entrance is free to MCAM - please take advantage of the opportunity while you're visiting downtown Mesa.

The New Urban Downtown Mesa is home to artists like Bill Barnhart who live and work downtown from a ‘work of art’ building [image to the right] that he created from scratch. It is located on Center Street just above University Drive on the west side. I've always wondered what that building was all about - it's his studio. 

Here's a 3:45 You Tube Video that was uploaded by the artist on January 18, 2012 of his new art studio that was built over two-and-half years. He says, "It was an amazing learning experience and a test of personal fortitude and determination to see the project to completion......well.....it is NEVER really complete," as he keeps adding new things to it - like the monumental sculpture installation in the left side in the front that was recently photographed.

Bill strives to make artwork that will lift, and inspire the hearts and minds of man.
Here's a link to his website: http://www.fineartist.com/home.html

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