18 April 2015

Logistics & Business Sense Lands Mesa Fiesta Corporate Park a New Lease for 25,000 Square Feet

The City of Mesa has attracted a Christian non-profit organization to occupy a facility located at 1345 S Alma School Road that is twice the size of its former location in Tempe.
In a March 3, 2015 posting http://fmscblog.com/in-the-packing-room/mesa-az-site/   announcing the company's move, FMSC Executive Director/CEO Mark Crea said  ". . . We are thrilled to bring FMSC to the City of Mesa. This is an incredible opportunity . . .and it makes financial sense,” 

Phoenix Business Journal's Brandon Brown's report on April 16, 2015 provided a few more details 
Please click on the above link to read the whole report. 
Here are some of the details as reported:
  • FMSC put $1.9 million into finding, leasing and building out the Mesa facility, Crea said.
  • The space is being leased to FMSC from Dimension Financial & Realty Investments Inc., which provided the organization with $450,000 worth of improvements, according to to Wayne Howard and Jerry Tokoph, the principal owners of Mesa Fiesta Corporate Park.
  • This will be FMSC’s largest facility. It has three locations in Minneapolis and three in Chicago. 
Back in October 2011 it was reported here
Dimension Financial Realty, a private Phoenix-based investment manager, purchased Mesa Fiesta Shopping Center in Mesa, AZ. The property was purchased for $2,792,319, or about $14 per square foot.

The 194,892-square-foot retail center is located at 1337-1361S Alma School Rd. on a 16.5-acre site and was constructed in 1993.

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