08 April 2015

Rendezvous in New Urban Downtown Mesa ... Say What?

MAC Logo_2015_BikeEditionFrom the New Urban Dictionary
is a French word meaning a predetermined place and time for meeting [among other things]
It had much greater meaning to the trappers and traders of the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

Of course since everyone knows a lot or a little about the New Urban Downtown Mesa, they may recognize that there's an eating place at the back of City Hall called "Downtown Rendezvous" and a public park called Rendezvous [there's quite a few public parks and "pocket parks" in downtown Mesa, believe it or not]  where there's a start for an event on Sunday morning . . . grab your bikes!
Hat's Off to The City of Mesa!  
The Mesa Transportation Department launched the Mesa Adventure Challenge – Bike Edition in response to the growing interest in bicycling and the miles of trails in Mesa.

You can see more about the other media publicity in this article from The Arizona Republic Bicycles, clues and adventure hit Mesa on Sunday
Do you need to know Mesa inside and out?
"You could come in stone cold not knowing about Mesa," the city's Transportation Department spokeswoman Kimberly Nelson said.
Register at http://mesaadventurechallenge.com.
Clue to save 50% off the $30.00 registration fee: Use the "MESA50" discount code to get half-price registration.

The Challenge
You might have heard them called "adventure runs", "scavenger dashes", "goose chases", or some other name, but the idea for this particular one is to gather 2 to 4 people, grab your bikes, and set out on a fun adventure that is filled with clues that you have to solve and some crazy physical challenges.  Don't worry, the challenges aren't scary or hard - it's all about having a good time! Some people approach this as a race and are in it to win, while others are there for the laughs and good times.  Either way, you'll walk away happy and wanting more!
For all the details, check out the event FAQs and Rules pages.

Questions? Contact Sierra Adventure Sports at info@sierraadventuresports.com or 602-448-0933.

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