26 September 2018

Candidate for Mesa City Council District 4 To Host A Get-Out-The-Vote Event in Pioneer Park

By all means - YES Register-to-Vote by October 9, 2018 and make sure you get informed about the issues on the ballot and the two people who are in a neck-and-neck contest to represent residents and voters who live here in District 4.
There's a lot riding on the line depending on the choice you make to engage residents for more effective government 
One is diversity: Jennifer Duff, who if qualified by your informed  judgment, might be one of the few women ever elected to the city council.
One is continuity: Jake Brown, who if qualified by your informed judgment, has been endorsed by his second-cousin incumbent Chris Glover who has served the 2-term limit.
Jen Duff's photo.

Meet Me at the Park

· Hosted by Jen Duff 

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