21 May 2017

Hmmm...He's Gone Mad

The Court of King Donald
The Sunday Times
"Surrounded by warring factions and intrigue, Trump rules like a latter-day George III. To understand his administration, America needs to realise it now has an elected monarch. . . "
Blogger Note: Oops! Make that a would-be
[Illustration by James Cowen from article]
"Last summer, when a friend gave me a baseball cap bearing the slogan “Make America Great Britain again”, I didn’t really get the joke. Was it, I wondered, some oblique allusion to the resemblance between the Brexit referendum and the coming US election? I smiled, but didn’t laugh out loud.
Now I get it. For months I have been irritated by commentators on Donald Trump’s presidency drawing misleading historical analogies. On one side there are the hysterical academics who insist that Trump is Adolf Hitler or Benito Mussolini and we are on the brink of American tyranny. On the other are the feverish journalists convinced that Trump is Richard Nixon and this is their Watergate.
Clearly both analogies cannot be right: you’re not much of…"
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