19 May 2017

WATCH THIS Mesa Council Study Session Thu 18 May 2017

Mayor John Giles starts off with a stuttering and hesitant opening about current circumstances in reference to Councilmember Ryan Winkle's behavior with a presentation by the city attorney on the procedural options in the city's code, using the emotionally-tinged term 'impeachment' to help the public understand the process involved - he could have chosen another word to stay in keeping with the straight-forward language he recited afterwards.
 One item that's captured in the screen-shot with this post is for a review of what is on the City Council's agenda for Monday's meeting to approve or not approve tentative arrangements for making a deal with a corporation - Core Civic - for a private prison that [1] is highly questionable and [2] appears to be heavily promoted and encouraged by Interim Police Chief Mike Dvorak. The City of Mesa received a FOIA request from the American Civil Liberties Union asking for documents and records . . . More information about that can be found here .
Readers and viewers will note that District 2 Councilmember was the only one who spoke out against privatization.
See an article about the private prison contract  presentation and discussion here.
[Readers will note that the Core Civic representative who appears cannot answer questions or wants to dodge them completely. After the police department's presentation, opposition is expressed by three individuals from organizations with an interest in this pending item]

This study session's Agenda is in a previous post in this blog site earlier today with some notes and details for reference.


Published on May 18, 2017

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