18 May 2017

AGENDA > Mesa City Council Study Session Thu 18 May 2017

Any citizen wishing to speak on an agenda item should complete and turn in a blue card to the City Clerk before that item is presented.
Source: Council, Committe and Board Research Center
> City Council to review Core Civic plan for private prison here in Mesa
> D3 Councilmember Winkle's request for a voluntary suspension
> Executive Session [closed to public]
1. Simpson v. City of Mesa, et al., CV-13-01354-PHX-DLR

Roll Call 
Members of the Mesa City Council will attend either in person or by telephone conference call

1 Overview of the disciplinary process for a Councilmember, including Sections 206 and 207 of the City Charter, and consideration of Councilmember Winkle's request for a voluntary suspension.

2 Review items on the agenda for the May 22, 2017 regular Council meeting.
PRIVATE PRISON gets a lot of deserved attention

3 Presentations:

3a 17-0558
Hear a presentation and discuss an update of the Downtown Mesa Association

3b 17-0605
Hear a presentation, discuss and provide direction on the City's Sign Code project

4 17-0613 Information pertaining to the current Job Order Contracting projects

1 Gas Service for Jack In The Box
37723 N. Gantzel Rd., San Tan Valley
This project will install approximately 118 linear feet of new 4-inch polyethylene (P.E.) gas pipe and associated appurtenances across North Gantzel Road to the new Jack In The Box restaurant being constructed at 37723 North Gantzel Road in San Tan Valley. All 118 linear feet of the gas pipe installation will be directionally bored.   
$35,000.00 2014 Gas Bonds Jun-17 B&F
N/A - Pinal County

2 Streetlight Pole Replacements / Citywide
This project will replace damaged street light poles caused by vehicular accidents at five (5) arterial street locations. 

Each location will be accounted for separately to facilitate the City's Asset Management and insurance claims submittal requirements process. 
$120,000.00 Local Street Sales Tax Jun-17 Banicki 2-5

3 Replace MAG Meters at Remote Water Facilities    Citywide
Lifecycle replacement of 27 magnetic flow meters at remote water facilities.

Theses meter are required fro billing from Val Vista Plant, reporting to SRP, and use of ground water to ADWR. This is a 2nd Council notification for the project.  It was discovered during construction that the condition of the existing discharge pipe at PS 3 required replacement. 
This notification will increase the project budget by $30,000. 
Original Cost Estimate $510,000 Revised Cost Estimate $540,000
2014 Water Bonds Sep-16 Felix 1, 3-

5 Hear reports on meetings and/or conferences attended

6 Scheduling of meetings and general information

7 Convene an Executive Session
Re: Contracts that are the subject of negotiations, in pending or contemplated litigation or in settlement discussions conducted in order to avoid or resolve litigation. 
Discussion or consultation for legal advice with the City Attorney.  (A.R.S. §38-431.03A (3))  Discussion or consultation with the City Attorney in order to consider the City’s position and instruct the City Attorney regarding the City’s position regarding contracts that are the subject of negotiations, in pending or contemplated litigation or in settlement discussions conducted in order to avoid or resolve litigation.  (A.R.S. §38-431.03A(4)) 1. Simpson v. City of Mesa, et al., CV-13-01354-PHX-DLR
Link >> http://mesa.legistar.com/gateway.aspx?m=l&id=/matter.aspx?key=10647 


Update of the Downtown Mesa Association [20-page PP].
Operating budget, marketing and promotion analytics [181,179 website views]
DMA Partner Events 2016 Event Season DMA sponsored 8+events attracting over 200,000+attendees.
2017 Operating Budget = $820,208

JOC Mesa Subcontractor Participation
(Cumulative) as of 05/18/2017
 JOC Contractor
JOC Type
No. of Job Orders Awarded to date
Total Construction Costs to date
Mesa Subcontractor Dollars
Mesa Subcontractor

Caliente General Contractor 27 $5,972,959 $323,339 5%
Core General Contractor 3 $82,951 $348 0%
SDB General Contractor 5 $1,406,711 $36,100 3%
Valley Rain Landscaping 39 $10,404,563 $1,771,704 17%
Earthscapes Landscaping 2 $645,248 $194,294 30%
Talis Utilities & Transportation 112 $31,985,475 $6,250,654 20%
B&F Utilities 71 $15,076,057 $3,950,208 26%
Talis Transportation 102 $30,829,000 $6,250,654 20%
Banicki Transportation 5 $1,072,516 $0 0%
PCL Plant Facilities 7 $1,529,166 $102,112 7%
Felix Plant Facilities 32 $8,414,172 $1,650,495 20%

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