16 May 2017

Data Recovery > IO Phoenix Trying To Beat-Out Microsoft's Mesa Global Command Center

The high-stakes game is on for players in Arizona's Silicon Desert here in The Valley Sun . . not quite a match and maybe playing in different leagues, but there's room for all.
According to a report from DataCenterDynamics in Feb 2016
IO purchased approximately nine acres of land to the south of the existing facility earlier this month. The company envisions a building that has been designed to house 600 pre-fabricated BaseLayer Core data center modules  modules on top of each other – something it says is a first for the industry. The newest data center will set the standard for state-of-the-art infrastructure that supports colocation and cloud services. It also demonstrates the company’s commitment to continue to invest in its hometown community.”
This headline hit industry new today:
IO gets go ahead for three-story $500m data centre

Some other details from The Stack emerged late yesterday:
Phoenix agrees to $500M IO data centre expansion
Earlier this year, data center giant Equinix announced that it had acquired IO’s data center in Slough, outside of London, and would rename the facility LD10. IO still operates data center facilities in Phoenix, as well as Singapore, Edison, New Jersey and Dayton, Ohio.

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