28 May 2017

Surrealistic Pop Phenomenon? Getting Very Tired of Trump

The Onion just dropped a dizzying 700-page parody of Trump leaks
The Onion’s latest project is a massive multimedia undertaking: 700 pages of fake leaks from President Donald Trump’s White House, including a presidential daily briefing rendered in the style of an Applebee’s kids placemat and emails from Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump begging for permission to sit on top of the Pentagon to look for UFOs.
The parody hits Betsy DeVos, the CIA, Reince Priebus, the EPA, a handful of Republican congresspeople, Kellyanne Conway, and dozens more. There are even four faux-documents about Trump’s concerns regarding the “threat posed by lighthouses,” which are “unpatriotic” because they face their lights away from the U.S. shore, and disconcerting because they’re “too tall.”
Most of the documents are parodies of email leaks, which have become not just a economic and political weapon, but something of a surreal pop culture phenomenon in the last few years.
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