21 May 2017

BIG AGENDA for Mesa City Council Tomorrow

First try this.> see how much time it takes the average member of the public to find out: Do a simple time-test and fill-in the blanks:
1. Time to find the city homepage and link to City Council Meeting Agendas: ____
2. Find the meeting time/date and access the link: ____
[notice it's only available in a .pdf format]
3. How much time to download and read - all the pages: ____
4. What embedded links do you want to look at: ____
5. How much time to read each and every one: ____

QUESTION: Are you now informed?    Yes.   No.
In case you don't know here are the elected members of the Mesa City Council: Do you know who they are and who represents you in the district where you live?
Mayor John Giles
Vice Mayor David Luna - District 5
Councilmember Mark Freeman - District 1
Councilmember Jeremy Whittaker - District 2
Councilmember Ryan Winkle - District 3
Councilmember Chris Glover - District 4
Councilmember Kevin Thompson - District 6
QUESTION: Do you know how to reach-out and contact them to express your views and opinions on current issues that might affect your quality of life or impact your income?
Here's the agenda for Monday, May 22,2017 - it's 12 pages and starts of like this
CITIZEN PARTICIPATION All citizens are permitted and encouraged to speak on agenda items including and preceding “Items from citizens present.” If you are interested in speaking on such an agenda item, please fill out a blue card in the back of the room and give it to the City Clerk. 
When the Council considers the item, you will be called to speak.

CONSENT AGENDA All items listed with an asterisk (*) will be considered as a group by the City Council and will be enacted with one motion. There will be no separate discussion of these items unless a Councilmember or citizen requests, in which event the item will be removed from the Consent Agenda and considered as a separate item. 
If a citizen wants an item removed from the consent agenda, a blue card must be completed and given to the City Clerk prior to the Council’s vote on the consent agenda.
[Note: all text from http://mesa.legistar.com/Calendar.aspx]

Items on this consent agenda include:
$150,000 for safety shoes/boots for 750 city employees [$200 each]
$150,000 for auto body repair for Fleet Services
$275,000 for network equipment for Mesa Public Library
$    7,600 for add'l/upgraded wireless network analysis/security tools for IT department
$150,000 for asbestos and lead paint abatement
$. 21,000 for forensic computers for police department
$240,000 for heavy-duty ballistic body armor for police department
$135,000 for sludge machine rental
$10,000,000 for master contract for Water & Wastewater

Resolution to be approved for a Medical Marijuana Facility

Items starting with 5-h: Modifying Fees + Charges for
  • Arts & Culture
  • Business Services
  • Development Services
  • Engineering
  • Mesa Municipal Court
  • Transportation Department
Items not on the Consent Agenda
10 Take action on the following contract:
17-0583 Three-Year Term Contract for
Private Jail Services for the Police Department (Citywide)
The Mesa Police Department's Holding Facility is a temporary holding facility and processing center located in the Police headquarters building.  Subjects that are arrested and waiting for an initial court appearance before a Mesa City magistrate, are held in the holding facility for no longer than 24 hours.  Currently, subjects who have been arrested on misdemeanor and/or felony charges, or have been ordered to remain in-custody by a judge, are transported by Mesa Police Department personnel to the Maricopa County Jail.
Through this contract, the Police Department will establish an agreement with CoreCivic to provide jailing services to include booking, transportation, maintenance and operations of the temporary housing of misdemeanor offenders for the City of Mesa. CoreCivic will provide care and treatment, including the furnishing of subsistence, all necessary medical care and applicable social service programs.
The annual expenditure is estimated to be $4,000,000
With additional capacity for variances within the number of misdemeanants processed, the Police Department and Purchasing recommend awarding the contract to the highest-scored proposal, CoreCivic, at $5,000,000 annually.
11 Conduct a public hearing and take action on the following resolution relating to the annual assessments for the Mesa Town Center Improvement District No 228: 17-0603 Conduct a public hearing.11-a 17-0556 A resolution approving the 2017 District Assessments for Mesa Town Center Improvement District No. 228.  The proposed final assessments do not include any rate increases. (District 4)
12 Conduct a public hearing and take action on the following ordinances adopting modified City-owned utility terms/rates/fees/charges: 17-0475 Conduct a public hearing on modifications to terms/rates/fees/charges of City-owned utilities: items 12-b through 12-g. 12-a 17-0468 An ordinance modifying terms/rates/fees/charges for electric utility services. (Districts 1 and 4) 12-b 17-0469 An ordinance modifying terms/rates/fees/charges for natural gas utility services. (Citywide) 12-c 17-0470 An ordinance modifying terms/rates/fees/charges for water utility services. (Citywide) 12-d 17-0471 An ordinance modifying terms/rates/fees/charges for wastewater utility services. (Citywide) 12-e 17-0472 An ordinance modifying terms/rates/fees/charges for solid waste utility services. (Citywide)  12-f 17-0473 An ordinance modifying terms/rates/fees/charges for utility service fees. (Citywide) 12-g
13 Conduct a public hearing and take action on the proposed Five-Year Capital Improvement Program for fiscal years ending 2018-2022:
17-0560 Conduct a public hearing.
13-a 17-0285 A resolution approving a Five-Year Capital Improvement Program for fiscal years ending 2018-2022. (Citywide)


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