13 August 2017

Inspiring Creative Living Transforms The New Urban DTMesa Landscape

It's a work-in-progress accelerating what's next for affordable and attainable housing downtown here on Main Street when a company named Community Development Partners envisions and re-imagines what can get built from the ground-up by moving ahead quickly with the ongoing construction of Phase 2 Rancho Del Arte - two new buildings are "raising the roof" sky-high with stunning designs drawn up by Perlman Architects for El Rancho Del Sol located on East Main Street - it's a turning-point tipping around the prevalent old and tired and typical mindset that "it's OK for Mesa to be boring" . . .
A new vision is getting real, very real.

Yes, of course, we do have a justifiable pride in Mesa's downtown history for what it used to be: as you can see in the image of the wayfinding roadside signage - just one block looking west from this new development - that memorializes the City's car-driven culture that time has passed-by: old highways re-routed to spawn suburban sprawl that detoured traffic off Main Street, draining the lifeline-connections of people to this City's urban heart nearly killing commerce and arresting its development.  

Simply put: This private-public partnership for community development has broken through the bounds of imagination from the ground-up raising new standards for what is attainable housing here in Mesa - it moves way beyond the old roots of urban revitalization ideas along the line of Valley Metro Light Rail public transit.
El Rancho Del Sol is a welcome transition to the future now here on Main Street that transcends the old roads laid out in asphalt that used to be Routes 60, 70, and 80 for coast-to-coast travel and Route 89 for border-to-border travel.
Who knows how far this stunning break-through in design to inspire creative lifestyles will go to get the international attention it deserves?
Blogger Note: The driving motivation and "mission" for writing and publishing this blog site began 30 months ago - and over 147,000 views later - is to advocate for, to highlight and to promote Re/Generating The New Urban Downtown Mesa.
Please stay tuned.              

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