08 August 2017


Unpublished U.S. Government Report: Human-Caused Climate Change Is Real
In Brief
As part of the quadrennial National Climate Assessment, a team of scientists from 13 federal institutions have drafted a special report on climate change in the U.S. A leaked draft of this report very clearly asserts that human-made climate change is real, leaving some scientists concerned that the Trump administration will try to suppress it.
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Setting the Record Straight
As part of a congressional mandate, the Global Change Research Program is required to produce a National Climate Assessment every four years. A draft for this year’s report has already been submitted to the Trump administration for approval before it can be made public. In the meantime, a draft copy of one section, “Climate Science Special Report (CSSR),” has been obtained and published by The New York Times.
Prepared by scientists from 13 federal agencies, the CSSR concludes that human-made climate change is real and that its effects are being felt by Americans right now. According to the report, average temperatures in the U.S. have risen dramatically since the 1980s, and the past few decades have been the warmest of the last 1,500 years.

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