08 August 2017

GET CONNECTED LOCALLY: Supply Chain for Building Trade Sub-Contractors

Thanks to Connor @ Local First Arizona for sending this announcement

LFA For(u)m: Subcontractor Expo

Presented by: Courtesy Fleet & The Construction Zone
Tuesday, August 22nd, 3-5pm
The Shop - Construction Zone, 2221 E Washington St., Phoenix, 85034
What does it mean to build a truly localized supply chain in the building industry?
This expo-style gathering connects local developers, architects, and general contractors with local carpenters, concrete pourers, steel workers, glass manufacturers, designers, and others who truly provide the craft skills for creative development projects.
The Valley's best craftspeople come together to showcase their work to close the development loop between builders and subcontractors. This event is hosted by Local First Arizona's For(u)m program.
Are you an architect or developer looking to connect with local suppliers and craftsmen? Admission as an attendee is $10. Discounts available for LFA For(u)m members by replying to this E-mail.
Featuring: ABC Glass Company , SlabHaus , Western Window Systems , Rocco Designs , Studio 3125 , and more

For more information, contact: Connor@localfirstaz.com

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