26 June 2015

@ Mesa Main Public Library 06.29.2015: Life-Long Entertainment/Learning & Reptile Adventures

June 29-July 3
Ah! Summertime here in the New Urban Downtown Mesa - it's sizzling in one way or another - hot outside and cool inside.
While excessive heat warnings might cut down on your outdoor activities, there are always ways to enjoy and learn and having a low budget [or no budget at all] is no excuse to not take advantage of "educational opportunities" on offer all the time at the main branch of The Mesa Public Library.
To make a long story short, your MesaZona blogger highlights today two events: one is one hour-long and another is the start of five days of a 50% off sale of so-called "used books" either taken out of circulation from the library stacks or generously donated by individuals whose sales benefit programs and services provided by the library. 
It's a good thing that books are published to be used - you're chance to get them off the shelves @ 50% OFF in the book store - and definitely a "hands-on" activity where you get to turn the pages.
Your are encouraged to come and make your selections.
You'll never know what's on sale at the bookstore until you take the time to look.

Riche Isle

The one-time event on Monday at 2:00-3:00 in The Saguaro Room features an educational consultant from Mesa, Rich Ihle who is the founder of Reptile Adventures and has kept a large collection of live reptiles for more than 40 years, studying and breeding some of the most incredible species known. Ihle has been featured in magazines such as National Geographic Explorer and has on several television shows including the Wallace and Ladmo Show [remember that show??? it was a hit for years here in The Valley]
According to a June 25 press release from Mesa Now, the Newsroom for the City of Mesa: "Rich Ihle and his incredible reptile friends will entertain, educate, and amaze you!'
Crowds like the weird, the unusual, and the unexpected.
All ages are welcome, but keep in mind that The Saguaro Room is not that big of a place to hold an enthusiastic group of kids and adults.
Please note that Riche Ihle's Reptile Adventures is available for bookings for both private events like parties and birthdays, special fund-raising programs  and for public  events in schools and libraries. He's been doing it for years.

You can see the excitement generated with kids in a program from last year shown on You Tube by going to this link >  Rich Ihle in action 

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