17 June 2015

Trans-National Economic Development: Governor Doug Ducey Arrived Today in Mexico City

The Sun Corridor
PHOENIX – Governor Doug Ducey today arrived in Mexico City for a packed week of meetings with Mexican officials and business leaders in an effort to bolster our economic and diplomatic relationships with the country. This is Governor Ducey’s first trip to Mexico since taking office in January 2015 - he moves fast stating that "Since taking office, I’ve spoken and met with many Mexican elected officials and business leaders; we’re all eager to work together to ensure both our economies prosper.” GovernorDucey's schedule of meetings in Mexico City can be seen on the schedule in this press release:
  • Mexico is Arizona’s largest trading partner. 
  • In 2014, Arizona’s total exports to Mexico were valued at $8.6 billion, and imports from Mexico were valued at $7.3 billion. 
  • Visitors from Mexico spend an average of $7.3 million per day in the State of Arizona.
  • Both nations who share a border now, but were once part of the same geophysical area, can benefit greatly from an enhanced relationship for mutual economic and cultural development.
The segment highlighted in the above image is a part of the development for a tri-national trading zone in North America uniting our neighbor to the north Canada, the United States of America, and our neighbor to the south, The United States of Mexico. 
The previously called CanaMex Corridor got stalled on a number of issues due to its broad reach and transportation issues.
Governor Ducey can "take the bull by the horns" in the territory where he's "El Jefe" from Phoenix to Nogales to Mexico City, the Capitol of the country for the mutual benefit of The State of Arizona and Mexico. He recently hosted the second-richest man in the world - Carlos Slim from Mexico City - at a conference in Phoenix. 
Viva! Arizona y Viva! Mexico

Side-by-Side: Flags of Arizona & Mexico
When your blogger lived in New York City, he worked with the Mexican Ambassador Jorge Pinto, Sergio Hidalgo with BanaMexT for Foreign Trade, and The Mexican Culture Institute, promoting cultural events and traveling and staying in Mexico City  D.F. and the city of Monterrey in the State of Nuevo Leon.
While living in Nogales, Arizona your MesaZona blogger worked with the Nogales-Santa Cruz County Chamber of Commerce to encourage tourism and economic development with The State of Sonora. Nogales is the Point-of-Entry for goods from Mexico shipped to the United States and one of the Gateways in Arizona to Mexico.

Phoenix-Nogales Segment to the left
Thanks to Arizona Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake, funding for the new Interstate 11 has been approved in this report in The Phoenix Business Journal Eric J Toll on March 30, 2015
With an update on May 26 he reported that construction is underway on first segment of Interstate 11 - the project is the first new freeway mileage to be added to the nation's 47,900-mile interstate highway system since 1992. I-11 is to be constructed from Nogales to either Seattle or Calgary, Alberta. 
More details on this International Trade & Transportation Corridor within the U.S. can be found here in this link >

Here's an image to take a look at the planned routes in Mexico - notice the locations close to port facilities on the Sea of Cortez and for import/export with the Pacific Trade Region.

The port facilities in California are congested.

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