04 June 2015

The New Urban Downtown Mesa: Ideas City?

This posting is about another artist who is A SOCIAL ACTIVIST. [Readers of this blog are encouraged to read and watch Theaster Gates on a screen that pops up in an earlier post]. 
Readers are likewise advised that your blogger enjoyed life for many years inside The Big Apple, leaving Manhattan shortly after the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers - circumstances one could hardly imagine happening, but they did. He was there during the events of 2001 - What a Space Odyssey that was! - and now I'm here.
Too often we skim over or quickly scan words or initials: take for example "ozone" or "smog" or "HPA" or "precusors" or "ultraviolet radiation" - words and initials you see in an ADEQ Press Release, again in an earlier post on this blog. 
Sometimes it takes "a political stunt" by an artist to create a visceral response to a common man-made phenomenon: that HPA from ADEQ is one of many High Pollution Alerts

An Edible Geography piece from Nicola Twilley, the mastermind behind the smog meringue endeavor, offered a more compelling explanation for the whimsical treats:
"Our hope is that the meringues will serve as a kind of 'Trojan treat,' creating a visceral experience of disgust and fear that prompts a much larger conversation about the aesthetics and politics of urban air pollution, as well as its health and environmental effects

It's a Wonder-filled life: LRT reducing emissions of carbon monoxide - ya know, like from all those cars on the freeways getting to work by commuting from long-distance sub-urbs. 

Anybody ever think about 
what a day without cars might look like?

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