02 June 2015

What's Up Mesa? . . . What's Next is Missing a Few Players: Where's The Public in Politics?

Economic Development Advisory Board Meeting June 2, 2015
(from Greek: πολιτικός politikos, definition "of, for, or relating to citizens") is the practice and theory of influencing other people.

Citizens who don't exercise their right to vote - or even bother to register to vote - or take advantage of the fact that yes, we do have the right to participate in a democracy and, yes again, that we are free to express our opinions, to go to meetings, to exchange ideas with people in government, and support those people and ideas to move our mutual agendas forward -are missing out of what politics is all about.
Rich Adams, sitting at the center, is  the GPEC Rep who was presiding at today's meeting, remarked that he had not heard a comment from the public in the last ten years. [Apologies to the EDAB members sitting on the left side who aren't included in the image.]

The Economic Development Advisory Board "shall act as the advisory board" - got that? - to the Mesa City Council on matters pertaining to economic development, including
  • setting goals
  • planning strategies
  • marketing the City of Mesa to attract economic development 
  • recruiting, retaining and expanding economic development
 Your blogger changed the static nouns used on the city committee's webpage into active transitive verbs since the board is tasked with "shall act"

Is this "a catchy phrase"? or ready for the recycle bin?
Mayor John Giles talked at length about his proposed NextMesa campaign, encouraging people to come up with ideas.
I don't mean to be hypercritical, but it looks like a set of nesting tables - what is that?
Successive 3-tier flat-line growth on disconnected forms with a downside slope getting bigger for each next stage? 
Go to the Mayor's NextMesa blog by hitting this link: mesamayor.com

You can find who the EDAB members are, what their affiliations are, and how to contact them by going to this link: http://mesaaz.gov/city-hall/advisory-boards-committees/economic-development-advisory-board

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