06 June 2015

On Main Street: No Big Blockbuster Development - Ice Cream & Cookies For Now

New and small start-up business owners are taking advantage of events that attract people downtown [Yes, Hello People! the streets of Mesa need people on the sidewalks one way or another] by scheduling their openings when they know there will be more than the usual low counts of people on the sidewalks.
First Friday Nights Out is one of the low-cost event strategies in the Urban Redevelopment Tool Kit to bring more people to revitalize downtown areas outside of regular daytime business hours.
Way to Go Mesa + 
Way to Go Small Business Owners

MesaZona blog readers are encouraged to read other local online sites about the regeneration of The New Urban Downtown Mesa to find out more details that highlight new businesses that are opening On/Off Main Street.

Smitholator Cookies Creator
If you hover over or touch you screen on top right just below the navigation bar on the homepage out slides a vertical bar with LINKS FOR YOU TO USE: two of the best of those are a link to Ryan Winkle, who works with NEDCO, and a link to Build A Better Downtown, whose mission, funding and objectives are to encourage and promote the attractiveness of the downtown area for both budding entrepeneurs, residents and visitors alike.
I'm just one guy in a parallel universe encouraging the regeneration of downtown with more of individual citizens and downtown residents getting involving who isn't probably "mainstream" and who can't be everywhere all the time . . . it isn't a job for me.

The image to the right is taken from Build A Better Downtown Mesa

  . . . next, how about a corner grocery convenience store for people who live downtown? 

Unless there's a certain density of people living downtown with the required demographics that are used by national franchises to decide to open a new profit-making location, those that want "something like Trader Joe's" or "Sprouts" or "Fresh & Easy" will either have to wait until the downtown population increases increases by at least 500 or economic spending patterns tip the balance in favor of locating downtown, or crowd-fund or kick-start what they want. 
Hey! That's an idea isn't It? . . . 
Crowd-Funding or Kick-Starting a local neighborhood grocery/convenience store that's unique to The New Urban Downtown Mesa

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