17 June 2015

E-Juice and Vapor Commerce > 100 New Jobs in Mesa

Image from blog announcement on June 2, 2015
Here's a news release from June 2, 2015

Due to Legislative Pressure, Mt Baker Vapor is Relocating to Mesa, Arizona
The temperatures may get hot in The Valley of The Sun here in Arizona, but this company has made a decision to relocate here due to the oppressive tax climate in the State of Washington.

The State of Washington introduced a pair of bills impacting the company. The first would tax the sale of vaping equipment, the second bans online sales. The proposal from Gov. Jay Inslee imposes a 95 percent tax on any and all vapor products. The move subjects vapor products to the same tax as paid for all other tobacco products.
In addition, the state is proposing a ban for online sales, prohibition of flavor additions and requiring ingredients to be listed on labels.
Phoenix Economic Council and Arizona Commerce Authority were heavily involved in the relocation competition. Lee and Associates handled the $4.7 million sale. 

Image from COSTAR
Mount Baker Vapor is relocating its national headquarters with shipping abroad and worldwide to this building at 4049 E Presidio.
You can see their worldwide reach in the image below - another reminder that local in Mesa is at the same time going global.
Logistic operations for shipping are an important part in locating close to supporting trade, commerce and logistics infrasturcture and proximity to an Aerotropolis

Here are the reasons from the press release:
Mount Baker Vaping =International
"While we love Washington and are thankful for the opportunity it has afforded us to grow this wonderful business, legislative pressure from Washington State  has made it clear that they no longer offer a suitable environment for a growing business in the vaping industry . . . " Unfavorable legislative pressure from bills introduced by the Washington governor, "coupled with the potential that Mesa and the State of Arizona hold for allowing us to expand our manufacturing facilities, tap new markets, and diversify our business ventures, make this relocation a necessary endeavor."
One of MBV's products
MVB would also like to let everyone know that if you are in the Mesa area and interested in working at Mt. Baker Vapor to keep an eye out for job openings in the coming months. While we would love to bring the whole crew from Washington, obviously many of our employees will not be able to make the trip with us. 
If this is an opportunity that interests you, we suggest you start brushing up on your vaping knowledge. 
You can also read descriptions of some of the jobs that will be opening up on our careers page.
Here's a link to the whole release on the company's blog:http://blog.mbvwholesale.com/?p=160#more-160
Here's a brief YouTube video uploaded by the company less than a day ago.

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