03 June 2015

Mayor John Giles: What A Diverse Guy! Spotlight on Light Rail One Day + Spotlight On Hunger on Saturday+Family Dollar

Your blogger is a regular patron of Citizen Thrift. A couple of months ago something amazing happened - it just became better under new management. Walked in today doing the usual re-think/recycle/re-use/re-imagine routine, buying some marble pieces at a buck a piece to turn into cutting boards or cheese boards - other people were buying them to make countertops or resurface floors and walls. The salesperson said stop by for our Re-Opening ... the mayor will be here.
When new management took over, space in the back became a food pick-up area, the details of which I didn't know until a conversation was started with the manager remarking about the transformation.
You can pick up on all the details and good deeds from "People of Good Will" - no NOT Goodwill Industries - by reading an entry on Mayor John Giles blog with his monthly 
Spotlight on Hunger > NextMesa: the Mayor's Blog

The building is located on the SEC of Stapley & Main Street. 
For history buffs that is the same location as one of the first "shopping centers" that began attracting customers away from Main Street. You can see the adaptive-reuse of one of Mesa's first shopping centers.
Another Re-Opening: On the way there if you're heading from downtown, take notice of the new location for Family Dollar at the SWC of Miller & Main.

Mayor Giles is DA MAN: Rubbing elbows with Apple Execs in Cupertino, California, mixing at National Mayors' Conference in Washington, D.C, and now making the time with a Spotlight On Hunger - earning frequent flier miles in some cases, and earning political points showing concern for those on the other end of the economic spectrum - in his own words "Doing Good Stuff"

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