10 December 2016

Council Study Session - 12/8/2016

Humorous start
Published on December 8,2016
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Review of agenda items for December 12,2016 meeting - last meeting of the year
District 1 Dave Richins asks about new beer-and-wine license for The Nile Theater
Item 4 Action Items for purchase contracts
Resolutions . . . Item 5

Job Order contracting projects
Chris Brady mentions various upcoming City Council-related events
Dennis Kavanagh's Annual Toy Drive in District 2 @ Pancake Breakfast ... "Blue Santa" will be at Cardon Children's Hospital along with elves Luna and Kavanaugh

AZ Repub Reporter Lily Altavena Caught Up In The Crosshairs of Conflict

Cut to the Quick Take-Away > Disclose (and don't try to play stupid) THIS IS 'THE MESA WAY OF DOING BUSINESS' . . . You...