22 December 2016

Wondering What's Next Mesa? Mayor Giles To Give State-Of-The-City 2017 Speech

Last year's SOTC16 will be a hard act to follow with Mesa voters rejecting a sales transaction tax increase Giles and his friends - called the FOG on this blogsite - who hoped to sell to the public a radical transformation of The New Urban Downtown Mesa with a privately-financed $500,000 public relations campaign that turned into a major screw-up.
Let's hope John Giles has stopped making strange under-handed hand gestures with costumed characters for this one!

Mark your calendars for 2017 State of the City Breakfast on Jan. 31!
As usual in nearly all his statements the mayor starts off like this on Facebook
 I'm excited to celebrate our successes and show that #Mesa is an innovative community where businesses and families thrive.
The breakfast is hosted by the
Mesa Chamber of Commerce and tickets can be purchased at www.mesachamber.org.
The full program will run on
Mesa Channel 11 and be available to watch online at www.mesa11.com. #NextMesa 


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