17 December 2016

Religion In City Government Part 1: Mayors of Mesa 1883-2016 >

Don't know about anyone else, but your MesaZona blogger has never lived in a town or city where one single religion and its followers and adherents have controlled and dominated politics, government, education and the local economy for so many years.
In the case of Mesa - now with almost 500,000 people living here - there appears to be a pattern of hand-selected, chosen and appointed members of the Latter Day Saints who "receive a calling" to run for elective office both locally and in Arizona State government that goes hand-in-hand with a long-established brotherhood of special-interest groups, as well as holdings in real estate and overlapping business interests. They all think it's their corner of The Kingdom, Deseret.

It is simply a political machine based on religion that has effectively made the other 70% of the public dis-engaged from civic life and government.
One of the missions of this blogsite is to encourage people to think and question and get involved in city government. Yours truly frequently goes to City Council meetings where very few members of the public ever show up or even watch live or televised. . . . the current mayor at one time called me a "Rabble-Rouser" to my face for writing and publishing information, comments, and opinions about City Hall and city government.
What's your take-away from that comment?
Are you one of the rabble the mayor doesn't to get roused?
For now just take a look at a long list of people who have held the seat of mayor here in the City of Mesa for over 133 years:
  • Anyone you see not Mormon?
  • How many women have been mayor?
The list is from Wikipedia
Alexander Findlay Macdonald1883–1885
Alvin Franklin Stewart1885-86
(Unknown name)1886-88
William Johnson LeBaron1888–96
James Turman1896-98
David Tully LeBaron Jr.1898-99
William A. Kimball1899-00
Jedidiah Grant Peterson1900–02
Charles M. Mullen1902-04
John L. Waring1904-06
Phil Metz1906-08
John D. Loper1908
Lionel Brand Johnson1908
John H. Barnett1908-10
Ralph Fleetwood Palmer1910–12
John Taylor LeSueur1912–14
Max Viault1914-16
Paul Baxter Beville1916-18
Dan H. Kleinman1918-22
Robert Scott1922-24
Jedidiah Grant Peterson1924–36
Linford B. Werner1936-38
George Nicholas Goodman1938-42
John A. Hamblin1942-44
Zeb Pearce1944-46
George Nicholas Goodman1946-48
Frank E. Bendick1948-50
Oscar Virgil Crismon1950–52
George Nicholas Goodman1952–56
Richard G. Johnson Sr.1956–58
Egbert J. Brown1958–66
Jack Taylor1966–72
Eldon W. Cooley1972–76
Wayne C. Pomeroy1976–80
Don W. Strauch1980–84
Sumner "Al" Brooks1984–88
Margaret "Peggy" Rubach1988–92
William "Willie" Wong1992–96
Wayne Brown1996–2000
Keno L. Hawker2000–08
Scott W. Smith2008–14
Alex Finter2014
John Giles2014–.         

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