30 December 2016

Open, Transparent & Accountable Here in Mesa? ...Then Why Do We Only Get "Approved Minutes" ???

It's not easy and instead of an actual transcript of Mesa City Council regular meetings and study sessions or the goings-on at frequent public board and committees?
If - and when - these 'approved minutes' are made available doesn't seem to follow the prescribed regs in the city code for the timely publication of public actions taken by taxpayer-funded city government. . . never mind what's done in private although all officials earn their salaries on the public dime.
How's it supposed to work?
mebbe something like this:
Where 'a minute-taker' is usually [or sometimes-not] physically present at meetings.
In other words there is a human intervention in the flow of information who writes down notes on the public discussion that somehow produce outcomes accurately while getting passed up the chain-of-command to another person - usually the Mesa City Manager Chris Brady - who provides a document that gets passed to the City Clerk for publication on mesaaz.gov .
For example
Go to this this page City Council Approved Detailed Minutes  where you will find a 7-page document, only available in .PDF format, for the December 5, 2016 meeting.
There is an added subheading with this tidbit
If the document you are searching for is not found below, please email clerk.info@mesaaz.gov with your request.

Go to this this page Calendar/Council, Board & Committee Research Center and you will find only 3 listings of publicly-available Minutes out of 13 meetings on the December 2016 calendar - none from the City Council although meeting and study sessions took place on Dec 1, 8 and 12.


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