14 December 2016

City Council Meeting - 12/12/2016

Very important meeting with an unusual high number of blue comment cards for comments by the public that are usually limited to three.
Published: December 13,2016
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Blogger's Note ReItem 5-c : Mayor John Giles states his opposition to approval, getting outvoted 6-1 by every single other member of the Mesa City Council.
Readers of this blog might also might like to note that his outspoken support for a tax hike increase to benefit "special interests" was resoundingly defeated by Mesa voters in spite of the over $500,000 raised for a bogus public relations fiasco by a political action committee located at the same address as his private law firm on 2nd Street.
  Extensive discussion about item 5-c over LIHTC-financed development and Market-rate housing options . . . please watch and listen to favorable and oppositional points-of-view that take up most of the time
Mesa Housing Associates developers Charles Huellmantel and Todd Marshall address the council after the public comments.

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