06 August 2017

Food Tour: Vlog 16 = Mayor John Giles Whole Idea

Published on Aug 3, 2017
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Korea Town
Mekong Plaza - they showed up once and had to go back to the Korean Market Place to find Lily King-Cisneros [from the City of Mesa, their boss] in the aisles shopping at a market in the plaza.

...and a sign-off talk sitting in a bean bag chair. How cool [or not] is this???

...and 'a drive-by' plugging Worth Take-Away Sandwiches in downtown

AZ Repub Reporter Lily Altavena Caught Up In The Crosshairs of Conflict

Cut to the Quick Take-Away > Disclose (and don't try to play stupid) THIS IS 'THE MESA WAY OF DOING BUSINESS' . . . You...