01 August 2017

Quirky LDS Conservatives > Mixing-Up Politics + Real Estate?

Probably any image could have been selected to start off first for this post, but this for some unexplained reason caught the attention of your MesaZona blogger.
Notice who endorses who in this close contest for Arizona State Senate, District 25 Republican Primary in 2014.
Bob Worsley beat Ralph Heap by 1,646 votes out of 29,300 cast and went on to win the General Election by 70.5%.
Two years before, Worsley won election in the 2012 election for Arizona State Senate District 25 defeating former Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce in the Republican primary by 3,666 votes out of 30,734, winning in the general election with 66.6% of votes.
In the general election held on November 8, 2016, incumbent Bob Worsley ran unopposed in the Arizona State Senate District 25 general election winning with 100% of 69,914 votes to bolster the LDS control of the AZ State Legislature.
Apparently, he's now answering "a higher calling" to continue the mission to expand the legacy of The Mormon Pioneers for a New Zion - complete with plans for a Mesa version of Temple Square in Salt Lake City and a choir hall of sorts.
Still working on ways to finance that, the hive in Mesa politics is buzzing all the way from elected public office in the Arizona State Capitol to Mesa City Hall in fields of schemes for real estate development right here in downtown, where politician State Senator Bob Worsley, who first approached the city as un-named "private developer" and got the Mesa City Council to approve a Memorandum of Understanding, registering a new corporate LLC just six days before, for a proposed project atop a parking lot after quietly buying 29-35 W Main Street [and at least 8 other properties] in undisclosed deals to control the downtown real estate market when sellers agreed to a price of around $100/square feet. The new LLC named MACDevco, together with an associated entity called "Ranches of America' lists their 5,300+ sq ft home in the citrus groves on N Val Vista Drive here in northeast Mesa as the business address.
This image to the right of the proposed project, located behind public charter school Heritage Academy [in the dark spot at the center], across Drew Street, might be built on top of a 103-space parking lot with a footprint of less than an acre of land.
It is currently being used as free parking for customers and employees of six businesses fronting on the south side of Main Street between Drew Street and MacDonald.
Located within 300 feet of a school, it could be problematical to apply for a liquor license on the premises.
Plans also call for 'a food hall', a hotel with 75 rooms, and 75 "above-market rate" apartments . . .

Arizona State Senator Bob Worsley and Kent Lyons are partners in the development, described by an AZ Central reporter as "a subsidiary of Habitat Metro"

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