01 August 2017

Addicted? Here's Your Daily Dose of Mormonism

#1 Elder Holland withdraws Church News missionary story (Deseret News)
A very interesting development,
and something I can't remember seeing in recent memory. Elder Jeffery R. Holland spoke on June 27 at the Mission President Seminar at the MTC in Provo, where he shared a story of a missionary rescue.
Obviously, many outlets ran with it - I'm pretty sure we did as well. However, Tad Walch of the Deseret News writes "Elder Holland withdrew it Monday and said in a statement that he had learned from the family that the story contained inaccuracies." Elder Holland issued a 3 paragraph statement giving context to the story and concluding it by stating "As a courtesy to me the family contacted my office, wanting me to be aware of the inaccurate parts of the story and offering their help in avoiding any perpetuation of those elements in the account I heard. I am deeply touched by their humility and courage in doing so, and as an equal courtesy to them, I am withdrawing the story completely and request that it not be shared further." I'm impressed. You don't see this often, and credit where credit is due to both the DesNews and Elder Holland for focusing on accuracy.
#2 BYU ranked for religious students, being sober, unfriendliness to LGBT community in Princeton Review (Herald Journal)
This should come as a surprise to no one, though I know some won't be happy with it.
The 2018 Princeton Review just released some of their "alternative" university rankings, and LDS-owned BYU held on to its Stone-Cold Sober ranking for the 20th consecutive year as the university that consumes the least alcohol by their student body. BYU was also #1 in the "Scotch and Soda, Hold the Scotch" rankings (which evaluates hard liquor), #1 in the "Got Milk" rankings, #8 in "Best-Run Colleges," #4 in "LGBTQ-Unfriendly," #8 in Conservative students, #2 in Most Religious Students, and #2 in the Top 25 Entrepreneurship Undergraduate colleges. So raise a glass of milk, or something

#3 Surprising survey reveals Americans are changing their minds about polygamy (Gallup)
Interesting news from Gallup
today: "Polygamy, a practice that President James Garfield once said "offends the moral sense," is now seen by 17% of Americans as "morally acceptable," up from 14% in 2016 and the highest rate on record dating back to 2003." Credit to Gallup, who tried to answer the question as to why the increase has happened: "In short, there is little reason to believe that Americans are more likely to know or be polygamists now than at any other time in the past. But there is one way Americans may feel more familiar with or sympathetic to polygamy: television."
More > http://www.theculturalhallpodcast.com

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