17 December 2017

We are So Blessed! Dinosaurs Here In Uber-Conservative Mesa: David Farnsworth

Never mind that "Big Elephants In-The-Room" thing, either here in Mesa or in Phoenix in the Arizona State House (there are a lot of "Jack-Ass" Democrats there too) let's shift to our own home turf and home-grown Dinosaur politicos: State Senator David Farnsworth.
What's he been up to lately? 
Is he failing to evolve like what made Dinosaurs extinct? 
Or just up to censoring what people see on state roads?
Blogger's Note: According to Ballotpedia , Professionally, Fransworth has been involved in 'entrepreneurial endeavors'. He has owned multiple companies, several of which were related to the automotive industry. He has also worked in retail department management.[3].  He earned his A.A. from Mesa Community College in 1979.[3]   From another source, he's been representing District 16 since his appointment September 11, 2013 to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Rich Crandall.[3]
Of course he's entitled to his own opinions on any subject and to express them, just like every one of us in the land of the free and the home of the brave. His family's been here for generations mostly as real estate developers on citrus properties and former agricultural lands and has roots as they say "deep in the community" in one way or another, a cohort of friends-families-and-related businesses in local government and Arizona politics. Now what's up?
First one story then another- one from Howie Fischer who covers the times in the Arizona State Capitol and one from Stephen Lemons writing on Front Page Confidential about censorship and freedom speech. Throw a little Pot into that fertile mix and we get at least two stories all about what David Farnsworth saw and didn't like while driving around, maybe to-and-from work - it wasn't this roadside billboard shown in the image to the left by Stephen Lemons for his report.
First let's have Howie tell the story his story his way about a popular referendum originating with voters and overwhelmingly approved, in spite of Arizona legislative opposition.
GOP lawmaker seeks to ban billboards
advertising medical marijuana
So the Mesa Republican has introduced legislation which would ban billboard advertising for the drug in places they’re most likely to be seen. SB 1032 would make it illegal to advertise any drug illegal under federal law — and that includes marijuana — along state roads.
Whether that’s legal or not is up for debate.
Attorney Jeff Kaufman who has specialized in legal issues surrounding marijuana questioned whether the state could enact special rules for a product that is legal, at least under state law. He pointed out that judges in Arizona have said the state can’t use the federal prohibition as a reason to enact regulations that hamper the ability of marijuana dispensaries to operate. . ."
Entire article in link below.
Suffice it to say that both legal sources say any bill drafted by Farnsworth would either be eventually stricken down or simply that states cannot ban ideas. 

He specifically complained to Capitol Media Services about a billboard he saw which says that there has been no increase in teen use of the drug in Colorado since marijuana was legalized for recreational purposes. Farnsworth says that’s “totally false.”
“I personally have been offended in my own neighborhood when I see a billboard that’s promoting marijuana usage,” he said.
Here's the link if U want to read more > http://azcapitoltimes.com 
Some people may be familiar with Stephen Lemons who published this just yesterday on 16 Dec 2017
Arizona Legislator Seeks to Ban Fact-Based Billboards
That Promote Marijuana 
An Arizona state senator has proposed a law to censor billboards that promote legal weed. "The ACLU correctly points out that the signs are protected by the First Amendment.
close-up color photo of Arizona state Sen. David C. Farnsworth of Mesa
Meet the buzzkill: Arizona state Sen. David Farnsworth (Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons)
When it comes to Arizona state Sen. David Farnsworth’s fixation on pro-marijuana billboards, an admonition from Jack Nicholson’s character Col. Nathan R. Jessup in the 1992 drama A Few Good Men comes to mind: “You can’t handle the truth!”
The Arizona Daily Star reports that Farnsworth introduced legislation that he thinks will bring down the billboards, many of which proliferate in the Phoenix metro area courtesy of Weedmaps, a company that crowdsources reviews of marijuana dispensaries and various strains of weed. . .
A Republican of the ├╝ber-conservative stripe whose district is located in Mesa, east of Phoenix, Farnsworth was referring to a specific billboard.
It reads, “Since legalizing marijuana in 2012, Colorado has had no increase in youth marijuana use. Neither has Washington.”
Farnsworth contends that the claim is “totally false.”
 But the billboard goes so far as to cite sources that back up the statement. Two sources, to be exact: a study in Colorado and another in Washington.
Senator Farnsworth is not one to let facts get in the way of his distastes, however.
Lemons goes on to note:
"As written, Farnsworth’s measure applies only to highways, so it wouldn’t affect billboards in his neighborhood. But the senator told the Star he’ll deal with that loophole later.
The bill has other flaws too, though. . .
READ MORE > Front Page Confidential
Additional sources provided for your interest:

> According to this information in Wikipedia  
David 'Dave' Christian Farnsworth (born July 16, 1951 in Mexico City, Mexico)[2] is an American politician and a Republican member of the Arizona Senate representing District 16 since his appointment September 11, 2013 to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Rich Crandall.[3]
Farnsworth served non-consecutively in the Arizona State Legislature from January 1995 until January 1997 in the Arizona House of Representatives District 4 seat.
Farnsworth was educated here in Mesa: Farnsworth graduated from Mesa High School and earned his AA from Mesa Community College.
> David Farnsworth's Political Summary can be found here >  https://votesmart.org/ 










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