06 January 2017

Council Study Session - 1/5/2017 > Happy About A Clean Audit

Review of items goes fast... City officials unusually exuberant about getting "a clean audit" for a change, while Dennis Kavanagh, the longest-serving member on the Mesa City Council, chimes in how pleased he is that the clean audit happened after years of hiring-and-firing different independent accounting firms critical of certain practices for the CAFR, the city's required annual financial review
Mr. Brady asks to pull Item 4-g to take off agenda
Item 5-d request by Kevin Thompson for use of eminent domain, addressed by City Attorney Jim Smith about condemnation and acquisition of pieces of property. Role of title insurance companies explained. Kavanaugh and Luna speak and negotiations to acquire, reviewed by appraisers. Chris Brady brings up "3rd party determinations about price of land to be acquired [reasonable property value]
Giles brings up Item 5-f CAFR Annual Financial Report, with auditors called to explain the process and so-called "gap adjustments" between fiscal year and calendar year calendars. No material findings found by outside auditor - "a clean audit"

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