09 January 2017

LOOKING BACK AT MESA Smart Strategies to Transform Commercial Districts

Looking back to see how far we got in the last year here in  Mesa ....What do you think?
Published on Mar 4, 2016
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Webinar recorded February 26, 2016.
Hear from five economic development experts as they explain how to craft and implement a commercial revitalization plan that inspires potential investors to take a different view of disinvested markets in a way that is both aspirational yet grounded in market realities.
Listen to stories and lessons learned from
  • Philadelphia’s Fishtown community where our speakers and their partners encountered gaps in the retail experience along East Girard Avenue; and
  • in the City of Mesa, Arizona, where they worked with community leaders to reposition businesses to address market changes spurred by development around a new light rail station.
Speakers: Elizabeth Demetriou, AICP LISC Director for Economic Development
Sandy Salzman, Executive Director of the New Kensington CDC
Larisa Ortiz, MetroEdge Consultant on New Kensington
Terry Benelli, Executive Director of LISC Phoenix
Joel Bookman, MetroEdge Consultant on Mesa

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