04 January 2017

Mesa City Council Study Session 02 January 2017 [No Video]

City Council Study Session
City of Mesa
Meeting Agenda - Final
Mesa Council Chambers 57 East First Street
Mayor John Giles

Vice Mayor Dennis Kavanaugh - District 3
Councilmember Dave Richins - District 1
Councilmember Alex Finter - District 2
Councilmember Chris Glover - District 4
Councilmember David Luna - District 5
Councilmember Kevin Thompson - District 6
Issue of Eminent Domain

Roll Call
1 Review items on the agenda for the Monday January 9, 2017 regular Council meeting @ 5:45 pm

Note: this is a 12-page document for the Tentative Meeting Agenda
Millions of dollars in contracts
*  17-0057 Staff has successfully negotiated purchases on 35 parcels (30 property owners) and continues to appraise and negotiate with the remaining 88 parcels (62 property owners), but have not yet been able to acquire the property. 
Staff is requesting approval to continue negotiations to acquire certain property along the Gilbert Road Light Rail Extension (Mesa Drive Light Rail Station to Gilbert Road, along Main Street), and in order to avoid construction delays, authorizing and directing staff that fee title, easements or other interests in and possession of certain property be acquired by the City of Mesa through eminent domain as a matter of public necessity. (District 4)

* 17-0059
Prescribing and adopting standards of financial disclosure for local elected officials. (Citywide)

*8 Take action on the following subdivision plat
17-0048 "Sec First & Macdonald” (District 4)  The 40 to 100 blocks of West 1st Avenue (south side) and 100 to 200 blocks of south Macdonald (east side).  Located on the southeast corner of 1st Avenue and Macdonald. 2 T5MSF lots (1.949 ± acres).  Mesa Housing Associates II, developer; City of Mesa, owner.
Final Plat: http://mesa.legistar.com/LegislationDetail.aspx?ID=2915525&GUID=44F7D0D7-FDFB-45EB-A512-A27DD404BA56


2 Presentations/Action Items:
2-a  17-0027
Appointments to the Economic Development and Human Relations Advisory Board.

January 5, 2017

SUBJECT: Appointments to Boards and Committees  
Attached is my recommendation for appointments to City of Mesa Advisory Boards and Committees.  
1. Economic Development Advisory Board
Nine-member board with one new appointment. 
Scott Rudy, District 6. 

Mr. Rudy is a program manager with The Boeing Company where he has been employed for over nineteen years.  Prior to his time with Boeing, Mr. Rudy has worked with Goodyear Aerospace, Loral and Lockheed Martin as a software engineer and project manager. 
He holds a bachelor of science in Computer Science from the University of Akron. 
In addition to his professional career, Mr. Rudy volunteers his time with his local church.
Mr. Rudy’s appointment will be filling a vacancy caused by the resignation of Steven Shope.  His partial term will expire June 30, 2017.
2. Human Relations Advisory Board

Eleven-member board with one new appointment. 
Mun L Kho Kaplan, District 3. 

Ms. Kaplan is an international Realtor with Homesmart, specializing in residential investment in Asia.  She previously held positions and the Director of Sales with the Dobson Ranch Inn & Resort, as well as the Director of Sales with the Hilton International in Malaysia.  Ms. Kaplan has been a very involved member of her community whoever she has lived.  She currently serves as the Executive Director of the Arizona Asian American Association, she was the founding member of the Malaysia Business Council for the Asian Chamber Association in Los Angeles, and was the Vice President of the West LA Chamber of Commerce.  Ms. Kaplan’s appointment will be fulfilling the term of Talmage Pearce.  Her partial term will expire June 30, 2018.

3 17-0032 Information pertaining to the current Job Order Contracting projects

  • 1 Greenfield Water Reclamation Plant Primary Sludge Screening Conveyor 4400 S. Greenfield Road
  • 2 Falcon Field Pavement Management FY16/17 4800 E Falcon Dr.
  • 3 Eagle Crest Lift Station Rehabilitation 7260 E Eagle Crest Drive
  • 4 Sycamore Waterline (Phase 1 of 2) Valve Replacement / Alma School & Broadway
JOC Contractor JOC Type
No. of Job Orders Awarded to date
Total Construction Costs to date
 Mesa Subcontractor Dollars
 Mesa Subcontractor Percentage

Caliente General Contractor 27 $5,972,959 $323,339 5%
Core General Contractor 1 $35,072 $348 1%
SDB General Contractor 2 $558,563 $36,100 6%
Valley Rain Landscaping 39 $10,404,563 $1,771,704 17%
Talis Utilities 61 $12,254,129 $2,788,831 23%
B&F Utilities 68 $14,627,890 $3,767,567 26%
Talis Transportation 102 $30,829,000 $6,250,654 20%
Banicki Transportation 1 $18,385 $0 0%
PCL Plant Facilities 7 $1,529,166 $102,112 7%
Felix Plant Facilities 32 $8,414,172 $1,650,495 20%

4 Acknowledge receipt of minutes of various boards and committees.

4-a 17-0002 Human Relations Advisory Board meeting held on September 28, 2016
  • 21st Century Policing
  • Hear updates, discuss, and take action on the progress of the City’s Non-Discrimination Ordinance.
Mr. Tompert stated that we will revisit stating the Board’s support of this item in January 2017. 
Dr. Byron also said she would be talking to several councilmembers in the upcoming week and that she would mention the Board’s support to them.

4-b 17-0028 Transportation Advisory Board meeting held on September 20, 2016
3. Hear a presentation and discuss the City of Mesa Transportation Department Americans with Disability Act (ADA) Prioritization Plan. 

5 Hear reports on meetings and/or conferences attended.

6 Scheduling of meetings and general information.

7 Adjournment.

Any citizen wishing to speak on an agenda item should complete and turn in a blue card to the City Clerk before that item is presented.

MEETINGS CALENDAR FOR JANUARY 2017 http://mesa.legistar.com/Calendar.aspx
Council, Board and Committees Research Center

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