06 January 2017

Never Miss a Ding Dong @ Home >> IvedaHome – Doorbell Camera

See who's at the door and talk to them whether you're home or away. They won't know the difference!
Press release
Iveda Launches IvedaHome Doorbell Camera Worldwide 
Cloud-based video surveillance for Home Sweet Home
MESA, AZ–(Marketwired – Jan 5, 2017) – Iveda® (OTCQB: IVDA), worldwide enabler of cloud-based video surveillance and data management through the licensing of its Sentir® platform, today announced the launch of its IvedaHome doorbell security camera. The doorbell camera is a standalone product that retails for about $149 in the U.S. It can also be bundled with Iveda’s IvedaHome automation and security system.
Iveda’s doorbell camera is a DIY (do-it-yourself) product that can easily be installed to replace the existing doorbell in most homes or offices. It serves as eyes and ears to what’s outside the front door using a smartphone or tablet.
“Seeing how well the product works from initial reseller installations overseas and how cool the features are, I installed one myself at my house and got everything up and running within half an hour,” said David Ly CEO of Iveda. “If you’re not a DIY person, it’s a low-voltage device that any handyman can set up for you.”
When someone rings the doorbell, all family members with the app on their devices will get an alert. ..
Iveda will sell the doorbell cameras through worldwide security integrators, telecoms and other distributors. 
“Before we focused on telecoms, we had a reseller program with security integrators in the U.S. I think a good way to re-engage is with a functional, cool new product that will excite their customers,” said Ly. “It’s a simple but effective product that does what it’s supposed to do: see who’s on the other side of the door before you open it and doubles as a remotely-accessible security camera.”
For more information call (480) 307-8700 or visit www.iveda.com.
To follow Iveda visit www.facebook.com/ivedasolutions, www.twitter.com/ivedasolutions or www.linkedin.com/company/iveda-solutions.

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