08 January 2017

The Mayor's NextMesa - from 2014-2016 Where We Goin' NOW?

More people getting involved?
Has John Giles been leading the government to interact and communicate with the people of Mesa? Mesa voters rejected the direction of What'sNext in November due to a privately=financed $500,00  bogus public relations fiasco that was a major screw-up.   What's on the path forward? Up another slippery slope, flat-line status quo, or looking forward to a recurring downward slope?
How is Mesa Mayor John Giles doing with his "vision" for another term in office? He sure can Zumba good! with a tutu + baseball cap
. . . Still wondering What's Next? with some of these promises not going forward

1. Getting more people involved? . . .
2. City government interacting and communicating with the people of Mesa?
Is John Giles leading in the wrong direction when Mesa voters overwhelmingly rejected and voted against the ballot question for a tax hike in November's general election?
Here's what he said last year. Is this a strategy for action to follow him on social media?
"The more people involved in moving Mesa to the next level, the better. To accomplish that, city government needs to interact and communicate with the people of Mesa in easier to use and better ways. To that end, we're going to place increased emphasis on social media. I invite everyone to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Are we all invited to the table?
Here's what's on Mayor John Giles official website  asking Mesa residents about their NextMesa...Stats for Twitter: Followers: 2,368
Likes: 662
Stats for Facebook:
Likes: 2,288

"Happy New Year Mesa!
This year will be full of great opportunities and I look forward to reaching our #NextMesa together.
One way we can ensure a prosperous future is by focusing on education. . . "

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